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Gary Wright II

Gary Wright II is a Human Rights Activist, an LGBTQ Rights Activist (a plaintiff in the historic Alabama marriage equality lawsuit), a disabled veteran of the US Navy, a corporate executive (President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Clever Things, LLC), and has a great love for animals and nature. I'm an engineering geek, computer programmer, and robotics expert.

Personal Details
Age: 48
Race: Caucasian (99.4% European / 0.3% Sub-Saharan African / 0.2% Unassigned)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160 pounds
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (see description below)
Status: Divorced
Children: None (except five indoor cats)
Political: Democratic Socialist
Religion: Atheist
Location: North Alabama
Health: HIV Negative, No STDs. I'm a non-smoker, very occasional drinker (once or twice a year), and I don't use drugs (other than occasional marijuana use).
Employment: I've owned my own company for nearly 20 years (but I'm far from rich, so if you want a "sugar daddy" then I ain't the one!).
Profession: Corporate Executive / Engineering / Activist
Education: High School Diploma, 3 Years - Health Occupations, Extensive technical training by US Navy

What is a pansexual? - I fall in love with people based on their energy and personality, and not their physical attributes. This means I've dated both men and women, and have no objections to dating people who are bisexual or transgender.

What I look for in a partner: Most of all, honesty and integrity. I love the typical "Southern Gentleman" type of person. I hold the door open for complete strangers and I always say, "Yes M'am, No M'am, and Thank You!" I can't stand to be around racists, bigots, liars, cheaters, or thieves. That means no Republicans or Trump supporters! I'm not into "hook-ups" or "one-night stands" and I prefer dating one person at a time and long-term relationships. I've just ended a 24 year relationship (2 years 9 months of marriage), so I'm mostly looking for new friends with common interests.

My Dating Requirements

Age 21 to 55 years old
Sex / Orientation: Male, Female, Bisexual, or Transgender
Status: Must be single or divorced. I only date one person at a time, and I demand fidelity.
Health: Must be a non-smoker, an occasional drinker is okay, but no heavy drinkers and no illicit drug users! (occasional marijuana use is okay)
Employment: Wealth doesn't matter to me, but must be either currently employed or at least willing to work.
Political: Prefer Democratic Socialists, Democrats, or Independents. PLEASE no Republicans or Trump supporters!!!

What turns me on? I fall in love with personalities - not physical attributes. If I had to describe a "type" that I'm most attracted to, it would be mostly geeks and twinks who are younger, smooth mostly hairless, skinny guys. I insist on my man being honest, kind, hard-working, and faithful. Masculine or feminine doesn't matter to me.

What turns me off? I'm not usually physically attracted to overly muscular, body-building types. I don't usually like "bears" or big, hairy men. I usually date guys that are around my age (46) or younger.

What do I like to do for fun? I love visiting museums, eating out at new restaurants, live music, and amusement parks. I'm a total geek, so I spend a lot of time on various software and hardware engineering projects. I've been known to give speeches at rallies, events, and marches.

Want to get to know me better??? Let's start off as friends by going to lunch together or meeting up somewhere, then see if anything romantic develops.

Interested in being friends or want to go on a date??? Introduce yourself by sending an email to: