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Mr. Gary Wright II

Gay & Lesbian  Gay and Lesbian

Gary is currently working on writing a screenplay and book about the struggle for equality in the South. The movie will start production in Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. Visit his Pride Against Prejudice project for a collection of online resources for LGBTs, their parents, families, and friends.

Gary and his husband Brandon were Named Plaintiffs in the historic Alabama Strawser v. Strange class action lawsuit which won marriage equality statewide, struck down sections of the Alabama Constitution as discriminatory, and obtained a permanent injunction against the State.

Gary testified at the Alabama Senate Judiciary Hearing against the 2015 HB56 Marriage RFRA.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Gary was awarded a CommUNITY Award at the 2015 Rocket City Pride Festival.

Gary is a proud ally and supporter of the Franklin County High School (FCHS) Gay - Straight Alliance (GSA) in Winchester, Tennessee. See my activism page for video and transcripts.

Join Echota Cherokee Gary Wright II on a virtual tour of New Echota and other historic sites for the Tsalagi people.


Gary Wright II takes you on a virtual tour of the historical site of New Echota, Georgia. It was in New Echota that the Cherokee Nation was first divided during the Indian removal process and it became the starting point of the infamous Trail of Tears. Thousands of Native Americans died along the brutal journey through North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and finally forced onto a federal reservation in Oklahoma.

Visit Gary's Cherokee Pride pages to explore historic Cherokee sites and learn about the culture of the Tsalagi / Cherokee Native Americans.

The Wright Perspective℠ by Gary Wright II

The Wright Perspective℠ Blog

Social Commentary from the C-Suite to Main Street℠

The Wright Perspective℠ is a blog by Gary Wright II. Gary speaks openly and honestly about many of the current events which touch our lives. The controversial blog covers a variety of topics ranging from human rights activism to social commentary.

Tornadoes hit Alabama April 27 2011

Tornado hits Arab, Alabama April 2011

Arab, Alabama - We have a special section dedicated to the 2011 tornado outbreak. In addition to photographs of the EF-4 tornado damage near Arab, we have video of the tornado and data images from Doppler weather RADAR.

Struggler™ Music

Struggler™ Music

No relation to the musician famous for Dream Weaver, Gary Wright II was the guitarist and founder of the 80's rock band Struggler™.