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Gary Wright II

  • Human Rights Activist
  • Corporate Executive - President & Chief Executive Officer of Clever Things, LLC
  • Creator of the Pride Against Prejudice™ project.
  • Founder of
  • Founder of the Alabama Justice government watchdog group (2011 - 2016).
  • Plaintiff in historic Alabama class action lawsuit that won statewide marriage equality (Strawser v. Strange)
  • Plaintiff in lawsuit against the corruption in the Veterans Administration (Wright v. United States, et al)
  • 3D Animator using Blender 3d, Gimp, and Krita
  • Hardware & Software Engineering
  • Expert on RADAR for military & civilian use
  • Expert on robotics & software automation
  • Veteran of the United States Navy (FC2/E5 - NEC 1143 Aegis FCS/ORTS)
  • Plankowner of US Navy Aegis destroyer USS Stout (DDG-55)
  • Recipient of the Navy Achievement Medal
  • Awarded the SAR Good Citizenship Medal
  • Victim of discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) policy
  • Correspondence with President Barack Obama
  • Correspondence with President Bill Clinton
  • Correspondence with President Ronald Reagan
  • Correspondence with numerous members of Congress
  • Spent a day with the legendary Isaac Hayes
  • Spent a day with Civil Rights hero Congressman John Lewis
  • Spent a week with the mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses I

Latest Media Appearances

Read my op-ed posted at on the importance of LGBTQ visibility after Alabama Public Television refused to air an episode of the children's cartoon Arthur that featured a same-sex marriage.

Read my interview in the American Bar Association Journal regarding the elimination of marriage licenses in Alabama.

Gay & Lesbian  Gay and Lesbian

Gary is currently working on writing a screenplay and book about the struggle for equality in the South. The movie has started pre-production in Alabama, and scheduled for final production in Atlanta, Georgia in 2022. Visit his Pride Against Prejudice project for a collection of online resources for LGBTs, their parents, families, and friends.

Gary was a Named Plaintiff in the historic Alabama Strawser v. Strange class action lawsuit which won marriage equality statewide, struck down sections of the Alabama Constitution as discriminatory, and obtained a permanent injunction against the State.

Gary testified at the Alabama Senate Judiciary Hearing against the 2015 HB56 Marriage RFRA.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Gary was awarded a CommUNITY Award at the 2015 Rocket City Pride Festival.

Gary is a proud ally and supporter of the Franklin County High School (FCHS) Gay - Straight Alliance (GSA) in Winchester, Tennessee. See my activism page for video and transcripts.

Struggler™ Music

Struggler™ Music

No relation to the musician famous for Dream Weaver, Gary Wright II was the guitarist and founder of the 80's rock band Struggler™.

Mr. Wright is currently working on a new Struggler album entitled Resurrection that will be the soundtrack for his limited series Pride Against Prejudice.