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A Historic Day for All Americans, Cherokee Tsalagis, and United States Veterans

Monday, June 12, 2006

Today the case of ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) vs. NSA / CSS (National Security Agency and the Central Security Service) will be heard in a United States Federal Court.

This is the first time arguments will be heard against President Bush's illegal spying programs. It was proven that the personal data of innocent people is being collected, retained, and dissemenated.

Their actions have violated the First and Fourth Amendment, which carries both criminal and civil penalties.
You can read the legal documents for yourself at

The goverment has a very bad record (their own audit gave the VA an F grade for many consecutive years) when handling our private and sensitive data. Proof came last May when all of the private information went missing for all of it's veterans and active duty personnel. Several class action law suits have been filed on behalf of 26.5 million persons comprised of veterans discharged since 1975 and as many as 1.1 million active-duty military personnel, 430,000 National Guard members and 645,000 reserve members.
For details go to

Today in the Cherokee Nation of Tahlequah, a landmark Tribal Meeting will occur to further define what is considered a Cherokee Citizen.

It took a recent United States Supreme Court Decision to finally remove a clause in the Constitution of the Cherokee Nation that stated that the sovereign Cherokee Tsalagi Nation's Constitution had to be approved by the United States President.

You can find the new and old Cherokee Constitution at

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