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Is it gonna rain on my parade?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Strong thunderstorms are forming each afternoon during the gay pride festival this weekend.

It is always either too damn hot for marching in a parade or strong thunderstorms pop up on us!

To all of you complaining about the weather - there is a historical reason the event takes place during the last weekends of June every year. It has to do with the historic Stonewall incident when the gay people stood up to the police trying to close down the gay club.

San Francisco and New York have the largest festivals.

Did you know that Atlanta is the 3rd largest Gay Pride Festival and the largest in the Southeast United States.

I might not be able to attend this year due to health reasons. I am saving up for a power wheelchair, so if I don't see your this year - look for me next year!

I hope EVERYONE has a fun and safe festival this year!

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