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Why the American Legion has lost it's way

Friday, June 30, 2006

The American Legion is an important organization to our nation's veterans. The people of the American Legion do wonderful work, but the leaders of the Legion have recently lost sight of their purpose in life.

In the past few years, the leaders of the American Legion have been misusing the Legion's money in order to support political objectives. The veterans who join and pay dues to the Legion do so with the understanding that the funds will be used to serve other veterans. Instead, some Legion leaders are using Legion mailouts, Legion letterhead, and Legion fuding to gather support for legislative issues that don't affect the veterans that they should be supporting.

I think the people of the American Legion need to replace their leadership and focus on why the American Legion was founded in the first place. If their leadership feels so strongly about political issues, let them do it on their own - and not with the money from the Veterans.

When I contacted the Legion headquarters to find out if a letter I received was representing the Legion or just someone using their letterhead. They told me that if the person is using their letterhead, then the opinions expressed therein would also be an official position of the Legion.

It was at that point that I told them to "Go FUCK themselves!" and I mailed back my membership card.

We have organized a boycott of the American Legion.

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