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Two Court Rulings Today - Legal Setback for Gay Marriage Issue

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today there were two court rulings regarding the Gay Marriage issue:

In New York, the Court of Appeals ruled (in a vote 4-2) that the state's law allowing marriage only between a man and a woman was constitutional.

In Georgia, the court ruled (in a vote that was unanimous) that the 2004 amendment ballot regarding gay marriage did not violate the state's single-subject rule for ballot measures. Three-quarters of Georgia votors approved the ban on gay marriage., but many votors were confused when the ballot asked them to decide on both civil unions and same-sex marriage. Many votors said they were in favor of civil union but were opposed to "marriage."

Our history has proven many times that the "popular opinion" may not be Constitutional. That is why our country's founders established a system of "checks and balances" to keep our system fair.

Just as our country has abolished slavery, and given women the right to vote - it is now time to end discrimination in any form. I'm not sure what the next step is for justice to happen.

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