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Many without power in US heat wave

Monday, July 24, 2006

As most Americans are suffering from a heat wave, many New Yorkers have been without electricity for over eight days. Most residents without power are in the Queens borough. It seems like all of the "poor" people are dying from the heat while the "wealthy people" sit across from them with air conditioning.

I completly understand the issues involved when delivering that much power during the highest load demands during the heat wave. Yesterday power outages in California forced MySpace offline for several hours.

I don't blame them for having an outage, but there is no excuse for it lasting for eight days now!

Recent crime and violence waves in Washington D.C. show that the "poor people" are tired of getting shafted and are now no longer sitting quiet and "taking it." So far I haven't heard reports of crime or violence erupting in Queens but it wouldn't surprise me if people start turning crazy from the heat.

Let's hope somebody can send them some relief and restore the power as soon as possible.

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