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A Western White House? I don't think so!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Was I wrong to be offended by Prez Bush hanging up a stupid sign?

There is the "official" White House sign that has the words "The White House - Washington, D.C." surrounding an image of the White House. I'm sure you have seen it hanging on the blue curtains during speeches.

In a press briefing room at Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch is a sign that says, "The Western White House - Crawford, Texas." It is made in the exact same colors and style as the official sign.

I want to see that sign destroyed!

The White House is a house "for the people" and to suggest that a private ranch in Texas is the "Western White House" is offensive, and is an embarrassment to our nation.

Maybe we should all send him a Help Wanted or For Sale sign to hang in it's place.

What do you think???

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