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Cherokee Nation Crumbling - Is it too late to save the United States?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A letter written to my (former) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney:

As an Echota Cherokee Tsalagi, I have one thing to add to your "We Must Resist" campaign: We must resist NOW, not later, not ASAP, but RIGHT NOW! We can't afford to waste any more time. The day is very long when you are hurt and suffering.

I have witnessed a deliberate and methodical eradication of my Cherokee people. The "leaders of this nation" systematically destroyed our people, our spirits, our language, and our land. All of this happened within just a single generation of my people.

The Cherokee stood up and fought "white man" using the "white man's law", and the Cherokee actually won at the US Supreme Court.

An out-of-control president with his army and his "posse" destroyed the Cherokee Nation without obeying the very laws that they were sworn to uphold. Andrew Jackson told the Supreme Court, "You made your decision, new let me see you try to enforce it!"

I can't help to see the parallels between the behavior of Bush and Andrew Jackson. Unless our "black nation' stands up and resists right now, they are heading toward eradication just like the Cherokee.

Leadership is not enough. People need leadership to take them forward - not backwards. It saddens me to report that the Cherokee nation took a large step backwards last week when the nation voted to exclude descendants listed on the Intermarried White and Freedmen rolls.

Any time you are changing your Constitution to exclude people, you are heading in the wrong direction. The majority of people have spoken, but the majority can also be wrong. The government's job is to make things fair for all people, and his has failed.

The Cherokee Nation (until last week) is known for accepting people of all colors and all types. Gay, straight, rich, poor, white or black. I love all people, and think that racism is ignorance. We are all human beings that deserve dignity, freedom, and a chance to prosper.

Where did my proud Cherokee nation go? How did I let this happen?

We must all stand up together, hold our heads up high, and RESIST RIGHT NOW! For my Cherokee Nation, it is probably too late. For my America, there still is hope if we all work together.

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