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Latest School System Report Cards illustrate our failing education system

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A common issue among business executives is the inability to find qualified job candidates.

I was shocked when I read the "Education Guide" supplement to Atlanta Business Chronicle 3/9/1007. They printed the "report cards" for every local school, and I am so angry that our fourth graders can't read, write, or perform basic arithmetic.

It is clear from the data that where you live determines your opportunities in life. The scores show kids in affluent communities have a chance to obtain a decent education. Kids "in the 'hood" are not so lucky.

Studying the data also shows that achievement tests are not accurately scoring children from different cultures. Math and science scores are not in question, but I believe that language and social scores are not measured fairly.

Clarkston High School 8th Graders
Reading: 13
Language: 21
Math: 59
Science: 10
Social: 18

DeKalb School of the Arts 8th Graders
Reading: 100
Language: 98
Math: 95
Science: 95
Social: 98

Tsalagi Creek Elementary School 4th Graders
Reading: 56
Language: 59
Math: 54
Science: 58
Social: 71

Oak Grove Elementary School 4th Graders
Reading: 97
Language: 93
Math: 91
Science: 97
Social: 99

Is the Teacher Ratio the problem???
Tsalagi Creek has 693 students and 45 teachers.
Oak Grove has 552 students and 35 teachers.
Clarkston High has 1,098 students and 75 teachers.
DeKalb School of the Arts has 284 students and 24 teachers.

Even though I don't have any children, our entire community is depending on our educational system to create productive citizens.

I've heard that "no child will be left behind", but the numbers show entire communities of people getting left behind!

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