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I'm a "Jerry's Kid"

Sunday September 2nd, 2007

Every Labor day, I bother everyone I know about helping the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), so here it comes:

PLEASE give to the Jerry Lewis Telethon each year if you are able to do so.

Here's the problem: It costs millions of dollars to research, develop, and test a new drug. Drug companies simply can't make any money developing drugs for rare diseases. There are many diseases that can be cured right now, but because of the economics nothing will ever be developed.

I suffer from an extremely rare myopathy (muscle disease), and the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Atlanta were the only ones with any knowledge about it. There is no cure for my disease, but at least now I know what to do / not to do. Most kids with my disease die before the age of 20 and I'm in my mid-30s. MDA not only saved my life, but they have let me continue to beat the odds.

Every time I have to visit the MDA clinic, I start crying when I see the kids who are suffering from these horrible diseases. Children just shouldn't suffer like that. MDA is doing the work for these kids that no one else will do.

I am so thankful for every one who has supported MDA over the years. The money is being spent well, and it changes lives right here in our own neighborhood.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend.

-- Gary Wright II

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