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I nominate Atlanta's Joseph Gargiulo for the 2007 Ass of the Year!

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

I nominate Atlanta's Joseph Gargiulo for the 2007 Ass of the Year Award!

My letter to the editor:

As a loyal subscriber to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, I was shocked to read the small print on page 44A if the October 19-25, 2007 issue.

I'm submitting Joseph Gargiulo to the ass of the year award. If he doesn't like his job, he needs to go do something else!

How much would it cost me to buy a full-page ad with Gargiulo's face pasted onto the body of a jackass?

I think the comments in his advertisement were totally inappropriate, especially to be printed in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The quality of ABC's publication and the demographics of your loyal readers deserve so much better than this.

What got me so stirred up? Gargiulo took at a full page ad regarding land he is trying to sell in Decatur, Georgia. The ad was great until you read the small print he put at the bottom of the page:

He asked for serious inquiries only. The fine print read:
"All others including but not limited to: Residential Agent 'Wanna-bes", tire-kickers, people that start the conversation with, 'I'm curious', Agents or callers who take 10 minutes to give me every little detail about the property except for the address, Callers that ask question after question and never take the time to hear any answers, by the time you get one word in they are on the 4th question (God gave you 2 ears, use 1), If I left anybody out, I am truly sorry but I could not afford a bigger ad. If you do feel as if you were placed in any of these categories please do not hesitate to call 1-800 waste someone else's time."

What a prick! I have never seen a better example of arrogance.

Oh yeah, all serious inquiries can reach him at 404-294-4726. Be sure to ask him plenty of questions!

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