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I'm not psychic - I just pay attention!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

I'm not psychic - I just pay attention!

Many things I mentioned over the past year have come to pass. I'm not "psychic", I just pay attention to the world around me. I am not a "conspiracy theorist" - you can take any of my blogs and research them for yourself. Become educated, then form your own opinion.

My score so far? 100%!!!

I "predicted" that Pakistan would go into terrorist chaos - today Pakistan's President Musharraf declared emergency rule.

I "predicted" that Turkey would be involved in clashes with the PKK / Kurds on their border with Iraq. That happened last week.

I "predicted" that after Iran, the next target is going to be Venezuela. Yesterday Dick Cheney made a slip up. While speaking about Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, Cheney said "the people of Peru deserve better." Hugo is not in Peru!

Here are my "predictions" for some upcoming world events:

In April (some experts say next December) our military will run out of resources, and will be forced to take drastic measures to "complete their mission" . The US just drafted over 300 diplomats to fill 60 positions for the US embassy in Iraq. With upcoming military operations being in Iraq, Afghanistan, soon to be Iran, and later Venezuela, things are going to get nasty in the near future.

The "One World Order" will soon come to pass. Europe has already formed the "European Union" and combined their currency into the Euro. What only a few people know is that a few years ago Bush (without Congress) created the "American Union" which consists of the US, Canada, and Mexico. A brand new currency will be formed called the Amero. This "union" makes our Constitution obsolete. This union will be the next step into forming a "One World Order." This process actually started fifty years ago.

Next "prediction": The race to alternative fuels is a conspiracy! The governments are not going to let oil become obsolete because they have so much invested in the oil. It has gone from $30 a barrel to last weeks $96 barrel. You will start hearing a lot about the switch to Ethanol. Ethanol is not anything new. Twenty years ago, our country started the switch to Ethanol, but the governments (and oil companies) squashed the effort, since more money is in the oil. There are several problems with Ethanol: First, it is not a feasible fuel for widespread use because it has to be manufactured in rural areas near the supply of the product that is used to produce it (corn, etc.). The majority of fuel is consumed in urban areas. Unlike oil, you can't pump ethanol through pipelines. It has to be trucked into the cities that need the fuel the most. It isn't the creation of the fuel that is the problem, it is the distribution of the fuel which makes it too costly. Second, since it is derived from basically food products, the creation of the fuel will drive up the price of food. We need to make sure no one is hungry before we start wasting food on creating fuels from it.

Enjoy every day you have left in America - it was fun while it lasted!

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