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Pictures of War

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

A friend just posted some photographs from the war. They are too horrible to share! The pics are the subject of today's blog entry: Thank you for showing us the pictures!

The pictures really tell the story - don't they? Children are being slaughtered along with their entire family. Entire generations of people are being wiped out completely. The real face of a mother's bitter grief. The eyes of a child who has lost his innocence, and almost lost his life. They kill our babies, so we kill ten of their babies. The blank stare of a soldier who has seen too much. Bullets and bombs don't discriminate by age, race, or gender. The pictures don't lie. The pictures don't 'spin' the story. The pictures are little snapshots in time that tell us what really happened. They are perfect little witnesses. The pictures tell the true version of our history. How did we let this happen??? Look at the pictures, listen to our "leaders", then look at the pictures again.

How far are we really willing to go?
When will we say STOP!?!
How do we say STOP???

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