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Thank You Friends!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Thank You to all of my friends who sent me kind words!

This past weekend I felt frustrated, pissed off, sad, angry, and helpless all at the same time.

Your words of encouragement have really uplifted me spirit. I have reconsidered my decision to give up on trying to reunite my Cherokee brothers and sisters.

I may be the "end of the line" for my family, but that is all the more reason to not give up. I shouldn't do it just to benefit my immediate family, I should do it for my Cherokee nation that has lost it's way.

If I try, there is little chance of success, but if I don't try - there is ZERO chances of succeeding.

Thanks again for your words of inspiration!

-- Gary Wright II

"The time will come...when the few remnants of our once happy and improving Nation will be viewed by posterity with curious and gazing interest as relics of a brave and noble race... Perhaps, only here and there a solitary being, walking, 'as a ghost over the ashes of his fathers,' to remind a stranger that such a race once existed."
-Elias Boudinot
(November 25th, 1836)

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