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The ignorance displayed over a Bear / My 5 Bear comments!

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

This post started out as a comment over a bulletin posted by 5 Bears. It was too big to fit in the comment box, so I'll repost it here and on my blog

Some people just don't get it, do they? They are so passionate about an issue, yet they remain so ignorant to the point that they forget why and what they are protesting against.

Native Americans do not hunt for pleasure or for profit. In the world that we all live in, there is something called the food chain. Our bodies are built according to what we are supposed to eat. For example, look at birds: Predatory birds have sharp beaks to eat meat, Buzzards have specially shaped beaks to eat carrion, some birds have pointed beaks to eat berries, humming birds have special beaks to sip the sweet nectar from flowers. A humming can not eat meat - he wasn't made that way. A buzzard or eagle can not sip on nectar. All living things are designed in special ways so that they stay in sync with nature. Man has special teeth and was built with skills so that we can eat everything (omnivorous). We were designed to be hunter / gatherers. Since we have deviated from our natural path by eating processed foods and chemicals, there are now 2/3 of Americans that are overweight. We no longer eat the foods we were designed for and we no longer have to hunt for food which makes us fat and lazy.

Nothing in nature is ever wasted and when animals are behaving as they were designed then the world stays in balance.

When Native Americans hunt, they first pray to the Great Spirit for help in the hunt. When an animal is killed, EVERY PART is used for something. They eat the meat, use the fur to keep warm, skins to hold water, all bones are used for different purposes (some as knives, decorations, etc.) When the animal is killed, we pray thanks to the animal's spirit and again to the Great Spirit for providing us with what we need to survive.

The hunter (such as Five Bears) can tell by the decorations they wear on a daily basis (teeth, bones, feathers, etc) exactly how many animals they have killed and they never forget the fact that they have taken a life until they themselves take their last breath.

We teach our children the skills they need to survive: gardening, hunting, fishing, smoking meat for flavor, salting meat to preserve the meat, and so on.

Call your local slaughter house and ask them how many lives they have taken... I bet they can't tell you! How many rabbits or mink were killed last year just to make highly priced fur coats???

Examine what is left on the bloody ice where people are beating baby seals with clubs just to get the expensive furs. They leave the rest of the body on the ground which is wasting it. How many men kill baby cows just so they have tender meat to eat (veal)? Animals are grown under horrible conditions (chickens, cows, etc.) just so we can eat - but we are not in line with nature this way. They say these conditions are all about maximizing the production of food, but in truth they are not worried about the food - they are only worried about producing a large profit.

Next, you have to remember the conditions that have been forced upon Native Americans. We were removed from our lands that were fertile, and placed on lands that can't support life. Crops will not grow on the land where we are forced to live. We used to have plenty of deer, bears, and buffalo to eat - but we were forced on land that can't support these animals. White men came and killed all of these animals not for food - but for profit.

Our language and culture has been systematically destroyed which makes it nearly impossible to keep our culture alive. We can no longer understand the words of our ancestors, and much wisdom is dying when our grandparents pass away.

You will never meet another group of people that are so closely connected to nature than Native Americans.

I think all of your anger is misdirected. It doesn't matter if you are "our friend", but it sounds like you first need to become friends with the nature you are trying to protect before you criticize people you don't even understand.

Also, before you end with "Namaste" you need to look up what it means before you use it. Placing that after your post is disrespectful to the people who know what it really means and it further proves your ignorance.

-- Gary Wright II

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