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Echota Cherokee / Tsalagi & Philanthropists Wanted!!!

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

If you are Tsalagi, a business owner, or a philanthropist - This message is for you:

There are several members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama who are wanting to unite our tribe and are willing to work hard to make it happen.

Getting the ball rolling is always the hardest step. Some of our projects will require money (such as printing and mailing newsletters, etc.) and we would like to find businesses and philanthropists to assist us in our endeavors.

The tribe is a 501(c)3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible. If you have been regularly donating to a charity and are not seeing any results, I ask that you consider adopting this tribe as your favorite charity.

Many of our brothers and sisters have grown distant in the past few years. We are hoping that all members of the tribe will come together and join us.

If you are interested, please contact me (or the tribe) for more information:

Best regards,

Gary Wright II

Here is a message from Warrior Wolf:

Let the Gathering Begin

You know, it was not very long ago that our ancestors fought for their very existence. Their lives and everything they held sacred was in jeopardy. They ended up losing their sacred lands and many lost their lives. It really was a time for shedding many, many tears.

For so many years, we hid our heritage. Why? There is no one simple answer. However, we have risen out of the ashes and can once again proudly proclaim who we are: ECHOTA CHEROKEES. And why shouldn't we? Others proudly and almost egotistically proclaim who they are. So should we!

Although we have risen from the ashes...we still have yet to become an ever-burning flame. Right now, we are a burning ember. Sparks need to fly so that we may develop into a raging fire, something that burns continually. But to do this, we all need to unite.

United. That is the key word. How many of us are really united with our tribe? We cannot be passive members. The battle is just beginning. We have to prepare for this long, hard battle. Frankly, if we do not prepare and take action, we will lose. And that would be sad.

I have a calling. I was brought to my tribe again for a reason. To help unite everyone with our tribe. The Echotas are a real people. They are industrious and they are peace-loving. They love and honor the Creator very much and they love their earth very much. We must gather together my fellow Echotas. If we are going to become the eternal burning flame we need to become, then we must stand up and take action!

I believe that everyone who is a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, active or not, believes in our tribe. So, take action and do what the Creator expect of you. In times of need, the Cherokee people bonded together and were able to accomplish great things. We can too.

There are many things we have yet to learn. Our language and customs. We should learn these things. There is a need to return to our past. Do things just as our ancestors did things before the removal. We have forgotten. We must remember. Everything the Cherokee did was sacred. And so it should be for us too.

For those of you who are active members, stay that way. But take action. Make yourself available to help the tribe in any way. If you live too far, then at least spread the word. If you are inactive, get active. Plain and simple. Pay your dues, get your new tribal card, and be the Echota you are.

-Warrior Wolf

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