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We ain't dead yet! Native Americans are coming together!!!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

There is a large movement on the horizon! Native Americans are coming together to rebuild their culture that had been nearly destroyed.

A few weeks ago, a woman died in Alaska and she was the LAST PERSON to speak her native language. We must all join together to make sure that not another native language passes into history.

If you are Native American, please put some energy into strengthening your tribe.

If you are active in your tribe, please put some energy into preserving your language and culture.

Once you preserve your language and culture for posterity, help other tribes do the same.

If you are not Native American, please give them your support and realize that "They ain't dead yet!" - but we all need help in keeping that way!

Here is a music video that I love. The younger generations will be attracted to the music and energy in the video. The older generations may not understand or appreciate the music - but realize that the young folks haven't given up yet. Teach us to live as our people used to live. Teach us how to speak as our people used to speak. If you don't do it now, it may be too late.

Watch Video


-- Gary Wright II

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