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Bush vetoes bill that made "torture" illegal - so lets do it!

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Many years ago nations agreed about the way soldiers, sailors, and prisoners of war should be treated. It is commonly referred to as "The Geneva Convention".

The US government recently passed a law that made torture illegal and limited our interrogation techniques to the 19 methods listed in the Army Manual.

Bush says he vetoed this bill... It passed by a narrow margin, but I hope all of our senators / representatives will have to balls to override the veto.

We can not expect humane treatment of our soldiers when we ignore the Geneva Convention and torture our prisoners of war.

Here is my challenge to them: If you say it is legal and not torture - then you won't mind if I perform these techniques on you!!!

Bush - Let me do some water-boarding on you! C'mon - After all, it isn't torture!!!

Maybe some a few hours of "interrogation" we will get the truth out of you for a change....

F***ing despicable!

-- Gary Wright II

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