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Ask Elders how to save graves - bring back "Decoration Day"!

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

The recent desecration of cemeteries in Georgia has brought up a good discussion about what can be done to preserve cemeteries for posterity.

Whenever I get stuck on an idea, I seek wisdom from my elders. I am geographically separated from my tribe, but thankfully the elders of tribes near me have "adopted" me. I asked them the question about the graves - and I was surprised by the answer.

Before I was born, there was an official holiday called "Decoration Day" where each year every member of the community got together to clean and preserve the local cemeteries. Everyone participated in the annual event and at the end of the day, they all sat together and told stories about the ancestors who had already passed away. This event not only brought each member of the community closer to each other, but it was a good way of passing on the oral history of the community.

As with most things, the idea went out of practice and was eventually replaced by another holiday. I think it became Veterans Day - but I?m not sure.... Ask your own elders about it and I?m sure you will hear lots of great stories.

Here?s my question for you: How do we bring back "Decoration Day"??? It should be a national holiday - but what keeps us from recognizing it within our own smaller communities? How do we make it a national holiday again?

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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