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Two proposed laws will screw our disabled veterans

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Two proposed bills will make things more difficult for our disabled veterans.

I AM a disabled veteran, so I know first-hand how the system is unfair and just how broken the system is for our veterans. I have hundreds of pages of documents that are evidence of our broken system.

With the current wars, our country is involved in, our medical technology keeps maimed soldiers from dying in battle. Our government is realizing the true costs of these wars, and now they are backpedaling on the promises that were supposed to take care of our disabled vets.

A new bill was introduced in the Senate and the House that would affect the benefits our veterans will receive. They gave them fancy names to deceive the public, but if you read the details - they are an attempt to "save money" by cheating the disabled our of their benefits. They call the senate version "America?s Wounded Warriors Act (S2674) and the house version is called the "Noble Warrior Act (HR5509)."

I wrote the following letter to my Representative and Senators (I hope you will do the same):

When they introduced S2674 in the Senate, they title it the "America?s Wounded Warriors Act." That sounds great on the surface, but as I examine the details it quickly becomes clear on the disaster it would bring to our disabled veterans.

We should be worrying about making the system fair to all veterans, regardless of the cost. The veterans were prepared to give their life for our country. You can?t put a price on dying for your country.

The system is already ineffective and has a huge backlog. I have hundreds of pages of evidence that the current system is not working. Again, we must fix the current system - not complicate it with the proposed legislation. We must make the system fair and make the system ready to serve our veterans - whether old or new.

Cost should never enter this equation! We owe so much to our veterans, and compensation will never be enough to offset the loss of life and loss of limbs. The younger people see how our veterans are treated, and by not taking care of them - it will only become more difficult to enlist new soldiers and sailors.

I hope you will work hard to protect the few benefits that our veterans receive. We owe them so much more! I hope you will work to make the system fair and viable for the next generations of our nations finest.


-- Gary Wright II

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