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Why I Love Atlanta Rappers T.I. and Ludacris

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

There are so many celebrities who now call Atlanta home, you can hardly go anywhere without running in someone famous. A lot of people here have made it big in the music business. There are two people I want to acknowledge for the hard work that they do when no one is looking: Chris "Ludacris" Bridges and Clifford Harris, Jr. AKA T.I.

Even before they got rich and famous, they both showed much love for their communities. They always remember where they came from, and they both strongly believe in helping our youth stay on the right path.

Rappers get a lot of bad press because of some of their lyrics, and for the most part, they don?t deserve it. They write about what they know and see around them. Music is an art. Some people will see an actor on television, and they believe the person is really like the character they see on the screen. No, they are all "normal people" and are just like us (except for a little more fame and money). They all laugh, cry, grieve, and have the same feelings and emotions just like the rest of us.

Those people that criticize them for their music are mostly ignorant. I?ve heard some people comment about the recent trouble with T.I. - they say, "Why the hell did he need a machine gun???" The people who say that have never spent much time in College Park or other rough places in Atlanta. You couldn?t get me to go some places in Atlanta without a machine gun and body guards. Hell, there are neighborhoods in our country that the police won?t even go to after dark.

There is a saying that goes, "Your actions speak so loud that I can?t hear what you are saying!" If you have ever had negative thoughts about a celebrity, I ask you to look past what they "say" and look at what they have been doing...

If T.I. or Ludacris reads this message, then "Thank You for what you do!!!"

If you are a person that doesn?t give back to your community, then you should watch them and then follow their example!

Here is a message that I just sent to T.I. today that pretty much sums up my feelings about these guys:

I hope that the recent attention drawn to you will help people realize that your philanthropy didn?t just start after your recent troubles. You have always believed in giving back to the community. You gave back to the kids when no one else was looking. You gave back when there were no cameras around. You gave back to the kids with no press releases. You have always quietly helped our youth without expecting anything in return. This proves where your heart is, and you?ve never been given any credit for the work you?ve done. You still have big things popping and little things stopping. Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for doing it for all of the right reasons. You have what it takes to deserve the title of King!

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