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"A Market for Niggaz" video by Taalam Acey - about real life

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I want to share this video by Taalam Acey called "A Market for Niggaz" with all of my friends - especially the celebrities who can so easily influence our youth. This video may make some people angry, but I want to share it because it tells the brutal truth about the environment that surrounds our youth.

A problem that I faced growing up (and that has now grown into a bigger issue) was the fact that there were no good role models. I am Native American and besides Tonto from Lone Ranger and Apache Chief from cartoons - there were no role models. It seems like every time an inspirational figure became famous, they were assassinated. There is a very desperate need for positive role models and no one is answering the call to duty.

Many of our kids drop out of school, and many students that graduate still can't read, write with proper grammar, or balance a checkbook. When I first asked some kids why everyone was dropping out, I got a shocking answer: Why go to school when there are no jobs? Why work at a job when they can become very wealthy in a short amount of time by selling drugs? The only deterrent is the possibility of going to jail - but in many cases they have a better life in jail than they have at home.

There is no easy answer to this problem, but the first step is talking about it and acknowledging that THERE IS A PROBLEM! It is a problem that touches all of us in one way or the other.

I like this video because it talks about the problem, which is the first step. Fixing the problem is up to us. Some of the words may offend you, but I am not posting it with that intention. I am not a racist and people who know me know that I love everybody. This isn't just an issue about black people either. Don't kid yourself by thinking, "It aint my problem!" I hope that people who may be offended will look past the words used - and listen to the message!

Market for Ni$$as

An artist who is also in the business of telling it like it is:
Prophet "The Heart of Toledo":


-- Gary Wright II

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