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Bo Diddley (December 30th, 1928 - June 2nd, 2008)

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Saturday was a sad day in Gainesville, Florida and around the world as the funeral was held for music legend Bo Diddley. Diddley died at his home from heart disease.

If you aren't familiar with his music, you have most likely heard his influences on rock and roll musicians around the world. In the early 50's, Elvis Presley learned to dance and engage the crowd from Bo Diddley. The music of the Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and the whole rock and roll revolution was derived from the beats that Bo created while wearing his trademark black hat and playing his box shaped guitar. Flowers were sent from Tom Petty, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Thorogood, the Animals,and many other well-known musicians.

Bo Diddley's music is known around the world, but a much smaller crowd got to know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist on a personal level. Bo was always smiling and he always made time to stop and chat with his fans. Bo always had the same question when speaking with friends and charities: "What can I do to help you?"

Bo Diddley genuinely loved people and he loved playing his guitar. Even as his health started to fail him, he will give powerful performances with tremendous energy. He was a down-to-earth fellow and a very hard worker. Garry Mitchell (Bo's grandson) joked, "Diddley got up so early, he would tap the roosters on the shoulder to wake them up. He always sang at breakfast."

Who would have ever guessed that a poor boy from McComb, Mississippi would have had such an influence on music as we know it? Diddley left us with a legacy of great music that in the future will be influential and appreciated by many generations of musicians and music lovers.

Whenever we hear the phrase, "Who do you love???" - We love you Bo Diddly! We already miss you!

-- Gary Wright II

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