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Do you own an Internet domain name? I have a secret to share!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

If you own an Internet domain name - I have a secret that can save you lots of money! Most domain registrars charge between $30 to $40 per domain name per year. I want to tell you about and recommend that you transfer all of your domain names to them!

Disclaimer: I do not own stock or hold any interest in GoDaddy - I am just a very happy customer!

GoDaddy has the best prices on everything you need: domain names, SSL certificates, web hosting, etc. Their customer service is the best in the industry. The company is an American company and their call center is in America (Arizona to be specific). None of their competitors can make that claim (most call centers have been moved to India).

To give you an example of the value they offer: Yahoo just raised their domain price to around $35, VeriSlime charges even more! Most of the time you can renew your .COM domain with GoDaddy for under $10 a year. If you transfer your name to them, they add a year to the expiry as a bonus. They often have coupons that you can use to get deals that just can't be beat.

As an example: Today (7/11/2008) they have .com transfers for $6.99 (includes the bonus year) New domains for $9.99 and less depending on the extension. A .INFO is only $1.99 a year. If you purchase a non-domain product (such as hosting) you can purchase domain names for as low as $1.99 with no quantity limit.

Check out their web site for current specials and more product information:

Hope this helps!

-- Gary Wright II

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