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Fantastic Cherokee Artwork for sale! (made by Goddess Raven)

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Here is your chance to own some genuine Cherokee art made by Goddess Raven!

If you are from Atlanta, you probably have seen Raven perform! In addition to creating the most breathtaking costumes you have ever seen, Raven has many other talents. Raven is the most gifted person that I know, and there is a good reason for the title of "Goddess"!

If you don't know Raven, here is the MySpace page:

Goddess Raven is in Oklahoma and the family has been making artwork for the Cherokee Holiday. Much of the work is being sold at their booth at the festival, but Raven is allowing some pieces to be sold to fans around the world.

Photos of the artwork is under Raven's photo album:

Details are posted in Raven's blog:

Here is the announcement from Goddess Raven:

***2008 MASK SERIES***


My creations are like children, thus the word 'Adoption'. Each piece is an original, and is framed, signed and numbered; Additionally, each individual piece will arrive with a letter from me, telling you everything about your selected piece, and the inspiration for it. Most masks are not shown, and are reserved for our Cherokee national holiday festival, in the fall, few are only for purchase via internet. DeerClan Designs is three generations of artists, my grandma has had an art booth every year for 21 years. To ensure careful and quick shipment of pieces, my mom and grandma wrap and ship each one. This is a family effort and passion, celebrating our inspiration and heritage. Grandma also blesses each one with it's' own Cherokee prayer, giving them their individual strengths, spirits and presence that you will feel.

If you see a piece that you relate to, email me (Right away) at goddessraven @ , Please include the number of the mask in the description. And be sure to put "MASK INFORMATION" in the subject line of your email. I will provide you with the necessary information so that you may receive your selection as quickly as possible. Sorry, but as I understand, PayPal is not allowed on My Space.

My time is very limited, but I will make as many as possible. I will also include some pieces from last years series of carved gourds.

I thank you guys so much for your interest in my family's heritage. I do love to perform as 'Raven'. You have blessed me with a great life in 'Show business', but knowing that so many of you understand that my passion for 'Art' isn't limited to female impersonation continues to humble me, and fuel my fire.

With much affection,


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