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Children are NEVER a curse! About the Frank Ski Foundation

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Thanks to all who responded to the video I recently posted about Atlanta's Frank Ski visiting an orphanage in Tanzania. If you missed it, you can find it on my blog.

Here is a little more info:

Children are never a curse! If you watched the video, you were introduced to two twins. Their mother died shortly after giving birth, so the father and the village thought the kids were a curse. They abandoned the twin babies and left them to die. Luckily, the orphanage took them in, but no one knows the exact age of the twins.

Another philosophy of the Frank Ski Foundations is, "If they don't see it, they will never want to be it!" The foundation exposes kids to the world and to their future. The take field trips to Space Camp and the Space & Rocket center in Huntsville, Alabama. They visit the Galapagos islands, and may other educational tours to help show the kids that they can create their own future.

There is a world of opportunities out there - but no one is telling our children about them. I really admire the work that Frank Ski has done. Atlanta is also the new home of the Ron Clark academy, which focuses on education and empowering children from the inner city. Atlanta is really bless to have these two gentlemen and I hope the rest of the world will follow their example.

"The vision of the Frank Ski Kids Foundation is to inspire community residents to form partnerships and collaborations with corporations and foundations that develop their resources and foster a self-sufficient ability to serve underprivileged children"

For more information or to contribute, visit:


-- Gary Wright II

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