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Rumors about my band Struggler℠

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I want to set straight some rumors going around about my band Struggler℠

1. A Reunion - Not True! Unfortunately, half of the original members of Struggler℠ are dead, so a reunion with all of the original members is just not possible.

2. I quit the band - Not True! In 1986, I was the one who founded the band Struggler℠ so I would never quit or abandon my own creation.

3. Struggler℠ has broken up - Partially true. As I said, half of the members are dead. We have thought of bringing in other musicians, but the feeling of the music just isn't the same.

4. A Struggler℠ US Tour - Not True! An industrial accident crushed and almost amputated my left hand, which makes playing the guitar very painful. For this, and other health reasons, there are currently no plans for another US tour.

5. A New Album - Not True (yet). Although I have discussed it with the remaining members, we haven't been able to fit recording into our busy schedules.

If anyone out there has photos or videos of Struggler℠, please send them to me! We promise to not prosecute for any bootlegs or unauthorized material. Struggler℠ was NEVER about the money - we played the music we loved to our fans who loved us back.

I have lots of projects I am working on right now, but soon we will launch a Struggler℠ music web site with tons of photos for all of our fans.

I love you all!

-- Gary Wright II

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