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The Resurrection is coming! (Struggler news!)

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Never say never.

Right after I proclaimed there would never be another Struggler (band), I ran across my Struggler "Treasure Chest." It's really just a cardboard box with all of the sheet music, lyrics, fan art, and photos from the old days. There is definitely enough material to release a Struggler album!

I'm going through physical therapy to help my left hand, and my schedule is too busy to start recording immediately. In the next year or so, maybe we can start working on it. The title of the album is: "Struggler - Resurrection" which seems quite appropriate.

No plans for a tour or anything, but we may have jam sessions in some of the clubs from time to time. As the time approaches, we will be holding auditions in Atlanta to replace the missing members.

I'll post mp3s and more info as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks for your support!

-- Gary Wright II

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