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I really miss Tip (TI) & I will always defend him!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I am really missing Tip (TI) - he helped give Atlanta it's heart beat. I hope to be back in Atlanta by the time he gets out of jail, and we are going to bring the ATL down to it's knees with the biggest party!!!

For those who don't know, Tip's doing a year in jail after getting caught with machine guns and silencers. The press tried to make him look stupid, and not many people know the true story.

First, he is famous and lives in Bankhead (a very rough neighborhood in Atlanta). The police won't even go into some areas of Atlanta! He needs damn machine guns to protect himself! Everyone knows who he is and he is now rich, so they wouldn't think twice about robbing him.

What the press has forgotten about is this story: After a hot show, TI and his crew were chillin' in the VIP section of a club. Some people couldn't get into the VIP section because it was full, and they went crazy! When TI and his entourage left the club, they followed them and shot the f*** out of his van. TI was okay, but watched as his best friends were shot to death right by his side.

At the time of TI's arrest, they were just bringing to court the murder case. That means the whole time - the killers were NOT in jail and still waiting to get him. He will have been in and out of jail before the killers will ever go to jail!

If you kill my friends and try to shoot me, I'm going to be buying some machine guns and silencers too!

I hoped that the judge would go easy on him under these circumstances. He did lots of community service before he got in trouble, but he reached MILLIONS of kids after his ordeal. He reached the kids that no one else cares about and who thought were "unreachable".

Here is one of my favorite TI songs that pretty much sums up my life too: [No Matter What]

We love and miss you TI!!!

-- Gary Wright II

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