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Just one day? McKinney: Bushism without Bush?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

As many of you may know, my hero and friend Cynthia McKinney is on a peace mission to bring supplies to the children of Gaza. In the past, the peace activists were blocked and nearly killed when the Israeli Navy rammed their boat filled with supplies.

Yesterday, she did a lot of press interviews with the foreign press and several interviews were very enlightening for both our country and our world.

I was so excited when I saw our nation come together during the inauguration of our current President. Unfortunately, the feeling of cohesion only lasted for a day. The actions of our government has not only kept the same path, but has actually accelerated our way down those paths.

There can not be "rich" people without hundreds of poor people to pull the burden. In the past decade, we have witnessed the enormous and unprecedented transfer of wealth from the middle and lower class, directly to those who hold the "financial reigns." Our government has stood by as millions of families have lost EVERYTHING! My friends have lost their jobs, their homes, their cars, and even their families, yet all of the "bailout" relief went to the people who put us in this position in the first place.

Our jails and prisons must remain humane. The reason they will never work is that poverty is inhumane. What kind of punishment is prison when your life is better on the inside than out in the real world? Three square meals a day, shelter, health care, and cable TV. If you have never been to "the hood" or ghetto, I promise you that life there is much harder than in prison. The problem does not lie with our penal system, it is with the low standard of living that our country has accepted for so long.

As Cynthia says, it is not just outrageous that our government works this way, but even more disturbing is the fact that we aren't all standing in the streets protesting this behavior. I think the daily grind has worn away at every worker until they have lost all hope. I almost feel like false hope would be better than no hope at all.

Every human (and animal) on our planet should be afforded food, shelter, and safety. It should not matter where they live, where they are from, or who they choose to support.

Did all of our national pride really just last for one damn day???

If we all don't rise up together, we will all fall as the miserable failure of humanity. Let's work together to make our world better for everyone, not just for the rich people.


-- Gary Wright II

Here is a very insightful interview Cynthia McKinney did with Russian press:
McKinney Interview

Cynthia - thank you so much for your leadership! We love you, so please stay safe on your trip & best luck on your mission. You are amazing and truly one of the greatest Americans that I know!

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