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Ghost Hunters - Check out the spirit orbs I caught on film!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I just posted two photos into my Cherokee folder of my profile where I captured several spirit orbs on film.

One photo taken today shows two spirit orbs that joined us on our visit to our tribe (Echota Cherokee of Alabama). There are two photos of the flag hanging in the tribal offices, one is before the spirits arrived and one shows two spirit orbs watching over us.

Another photo is from my very first visit to New Echota, Georgia. New Echota was where the Cherokee nation shattered into pieces. I am an "intuitive empath" and just being on the land filled me with great sadness. The land still holds energy from the tragic events that became the start of the Trail of Tears.

When I took a hike in the woods, I could feel the spirits of my ancestors following me from a distance. This usually wouldn't bother me - but these spirits were the strongest that I have ever experienced.

When I came upon this swamp, I was amazed at the balance of nature! I didn't get a single mosquito bite the whole day in the swamp, yet upon returning to Atlanta they would just eat me up. Because of the virgin forest and lands, nature was completely balanced into a delicate ecosystem.

I paused at the edge of the swamp to admire the beauty of what I think was a Heron. Not sure of the species, but it was very beautiful. As I paused to give thanks to the Creator for the beauty of nature, I felt the spirits suddenly draw near to me. I took several photos in a few minutes and captured a very strong spirit orb floating toward me while hovering above the swamp.

I have all of the photo metadata which gives all of the light settings, shutter speeds, etc. to prove these were not faked photos. When I get back to Atlanta, I want to invite medium Chip Coffey to join me on a field trip back to these lands. Not sure if they would allow it, but it would be a very interesting place to get a group together to go "ghost hunting." I would love to see scientific readings taken in these areas.

If you ever have an experience like this, you will never doubt the existence of spirits or "ghosts." There is a dimension to our world that most people never take time to notice. There are radio and TV energy signals swirling above your head, even though you can't "see" them. The same goes with spiritual energies. You are always surrounded by spirits, but you have to be in a receptive mode to actually feel their presence. It can be very unsettling the first time you experience something like this! I guess that's why most ghost hunters go in groups.

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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