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A Lesson on Grace - I acted stupid!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I just learned an important life lesson that I want to share with you. On Monday night, I received a message that I let get the better of me!

I acted stupid, and I apologize for my behavior. After the "incident", an elder from my tribe (honoring you) sent me this message: "Folks who make threats need forgiving for they know not what they do?"

I was very confused at first, forgive them??? I can easily forgive someone who realizes they made a mistake and learn from it, but to forgive someone who is inherently evil, ignorant, full of venomous hatred, with zero remorse, and wants you to die?????? How can I possibly forgive someone like that?????

I was completely astonished at the suggestion of forgiveness for this person! I shared the message with my partner Brandon, and that is when I learned a lesson in grace. Responsibility = Response Ability - it is how you respond to things. There were two paths that hatred can take: If you respond back with hate, then hatred breeds and quickly spreads. That is exactly what I did and it made ME look like the foolish one. By forgiving them for their thoughts and actions, the hatred is extinguished. As strange as it may sound at first, forgiveness really is the correct choice in these situations.

I have never understood hatred or racism. I don't understand how someone even finds hatred in their heart. I've always believed that when you are able to appreciate life and creation, you will be too busy to hate because we are surrounded by such amazing world. When looking back at Earth from space, you realize just how thin our "layer of life" really is, and that beautiful image always fills me with serenity.

Life is just too short - so don't hate! Now that I better understand the meaning of grace, if you hate me - I will still love you.

Oh yeah, I guess I will forgive you too!

-- Gary Wright II

P.S. Thank you Honoring You for always sharing your wisdom!

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