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I've been shuffled like a deck of cards today!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Today I've been shuffled up just like a deck of cards!

First, I am in total shock from the news today, but now I have to rethink my whole foundation of beliefs after what Chip Coffey did today!

I met Chip once in person for an interview, and I have always felt that he was the "real deal." However, I did not believe anyone could accurately predict the future - at least not until today.

I don't want to know my future, so I have never wanted a reading from Chip. What Chip did at the interview completely blew my mind! I know that anyone who does lots of press usually gets asked the same questions over and over. I had prepared a list of questions prior to the interview, but I never even had to ask him. He answered all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them!

I let Chip pick the place and time for the interview (a restaurant), but I arrived early and chose the exact table. Since he had no idea where I would actually sit, there couldn't be a hidden camera or microphone at that specific location.

Right before Chip and Greta arrived, I was brainstorming for more questions. I pulled out my notebook and at the last minute wrote something down. Before Chip entered the building, I had closed the notebook and placed in back in my briefcase.

The very first question that Chip answered was the one in my notebook! Even if someone looked over my shoulder, there is no way anyone (but by assistant) could read my hand writing!

Today, he told me about the deaths BEFORE they occurred. He also gave me a very specific window of time when they would happen. Yeah, Ed and Farrah were old and sick, but NO ONE would have ever dreamed Michael Jackson would die today!

I now have to review every experience that I have ever had and rethink the meaning of life. If it's possible to see the future, wouldn't that also mean that anything we do is going to happen anyway. I would not want to see the future because I think it would take all of "the fun" out of life.

I'm still shaking just from the implications of this! I feel like a memory buffer that just had an overflow error!

-- Gary Wright II

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