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Alabama Indians aren't "authentic"? Bullshit!

Friday, June 26th, 2009

As soon as I posted my last entry on how the "Cherokee Nation" is dead, a press release just came out to proves my point even further:

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) - The Alabama Indian Affairs Commission says crafts sold by the Cherokees of Alabama should not be marketed as authentic American Indian items because the group is not a federal or state recognized tribe.

Cherokees of Alabama Chief Bobby "Red Hawk" Sterling said Tuesday the group will abide by the law but will sell items made by members of the group. He said the tribe is seeking federal recognition.

Tribe members said Saturday they would be selling "authentic" American Indian articles made by members in a gift shop that will open July 1. However, Eloise Josey, executive director of the AIAC, said that would violate the Indian Arts and Crafts Law.

Josey said she sent Sterling information about state tribal recognition and a copy of the Indian Arts and Crafts Law.

This is SO MISLEADING!!! First, there are several tribes in Alabama and some ARE recognized by the State of Alabama. My own tribe is the Echota Cherokee of Alabama and they are recognized. The name "Cherokees of Alabama" is very misleading because it is a single tribe.

Regardless of State or National "recognition" - The United Nations recently ruled that indigenous people are SOVEREIGN nations, so only their own Constitution is their law.

This is just another example of the point I tried to make in my last blog entry.... To do this to their own damn people is totally disgusting. These people are their own blood relatives, yet they refuse to even acknowledge their existence! Yep, the Cherokee Nation is totally dead now....

-- Gary Wright II

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