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Super Producer Dallas Austin is changing face of music with

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Even if you don't recognize Atlanta's super producer Dallas Austin from his name, you have definitely heard his music. Dallas has written and produced for every big star in the business.

In addition to being a musical genius, Dallas is changing the face of how we listen to music by creating a full sensory multimedia experience through his "Dallas Austin Experience".

His latest project is which is a movie with the dialog masterfully interwoven between the music of the album.

The only thing to compare it to would be The Wall by Pink Floyd or Tommy by The Who, where there is a story surrounded by music.

His "8 movement" is gaining momentum over the Internet, and has a very loyal following. He recently launched, and his clothing line "Rowdy" is sharp-looking and doing very well.

Here is a video of the "Dallas Austin Experience" that I call "Exasperated": Watch Video

Links: 8dazeaweakend


-- Gary Wright II

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