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Uh oh, I didn't listen to PETA - what do I do now?

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I've been searching for good homes for my four kittens, so I put a posting on Craig's List. I was shocked to read a warning by PETA telling people to never advertise animals "For Free" because people will take them for fighting (dogs) or for snake food (kittens). I thought, "Are they serious?" and I ignored the PETA warning. Within half an hour of my posting, someone called and made me very suspicious. When I told the man it may be another week or two before they are ready, he responded with "Well, I need them pretty soon. If I don't find some - I will call you back"

Oh shit! What do I do now? I love them all so much and now I am scared to give them away. How do I know if someone is actually going to make a good home for them? I thought about making them show me a bag of cat food before I give them to somebody. Any ideas or suggestions?

I should have listened to PETA...

-- Gary Wright II

PS: If one more person tells me to "spay and neuter" I think I am going to scream!!! I rescued a kitten who turned out to be pregnant. Trust me - I KNOW to spay and neuter.

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