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Cherokee Language Software - Maybe in 2010?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

I've always wanted to learn Cherokee and Egyptian hieroglyphics. A few years ago, I wrote some software to help learn the symbols. I recently decided to take the program written in C and rewrite it for the web. I contacted Rosetta Stone, who are the experts in teaching new languages, and asked if they would do a Cherokee version.

They have a special program for endangered languages, but said, "Currently we are working on six endangered language projects: Mohawk, Inuttitut, Kobuk, Navajo, Inupiaq, and Chitimacha. These projects are initiated, funded and distributed by a sponsoring group, not Rosetta Stone."

It sounds like if I want a Cherokee program, I will have to fund it. Even though they turned the project down, I still applaud them for using their skills to help save endangered languages.

I'll try to schedule some time in 2010 to work on this project. For now, it isn't a "No" - it is just a "not right now".

-- Gary Wright II

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