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Some good Cherokee NDN news!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

I wanted to deliver some good news for a change:
This weekend was the Echota Cherokee pow wow (which I missed) - I hope everyone stayed warm. If anyone videotaped it, I would love to have a copy...

The Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma is giving money to support the historic sites in Georgia after the state took away much of their funding. Thank you Cherokee Nation!

I have published virtual tours of historic Echota and Chief Vann's estate:
Cherokee Tears

Now for some good news about two Cherokee celebrities:

The Goddess Raven had planned on retiring from the entertainment industry. I am so happy to announce that Raven will NOT retire just yet, and is planning a new tour starting on New Years. There is not another performer like Raven and no one can even come close to the fabulous costumes which are made by hand. Each year Raven sells artwork at the annual Cherokee Holiday. I have always been impressed by the mediums used to express the art. Some are masks, some are decorated gourds, some defy description. When the tour schedule is finalized, I will post more info and I hope you all will get a chance to see a Raven performance in a city near you. Raven's MySpace is:

Millions of people have witnessed the amazing abilities of psychic / medium Chip Coffey on the hit show Paranormal State, and as the host of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Chip's great-grandmother was Cherokee Minnie Sue Morrow Foster who also was a talented spiritual medium. Chip recently completed the filming of a new season of Psychic Kids which will likely air on A&E in mid-December. Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, what he does to help these kids is amazing. He teaches them that they are not freaks or going crazy. More importantly, he teaches them to overcome their fear.

A few days ago, I told you about my request being denied by Rosetta Stone. I asked the language learning gurus if they would add Cherokee to their endangered language program. Their response said, "Currently we are working on six endangered language projects: Mohawk, Inuttitut, Kobuk, Navajo, Inupiaq, and Chitimacha. These projects are initiated, funded and distributed by a sponsoring group, not Rosetta Stone."

Here is what I'm going to do: I'm pushing back the dates I planned to work on the Struggler album and putting the Cherokee language project in its place. My company will develop an online tutor for learning the Cherokee Syllabary. I haven't learned the language yet - so there is really no way I can teach it. When the syllabary lessons are completed, I will approach Rosetta Stone again and ask for help with teaching the language.

I'll post more details soon!

-- Gary Wright II

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