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The murder of Cheyenne Chief Lean Bear

Friday, December 18th, 2009

In 1863, President Lincoln invited a delegation of "Indian" peace chiefs to the White House in an effort to symbolize his stance for peace. Among the group, was Cheyenne Chief Lean Bear who spoke, "He was ready to hear what the president had to say, had no pockets in which to hide his words, but would treasure them in his heart and would faithfully carry them back to his people."

Chief Lean Bear was very proud of the medal that Lincoln gave him and of the certificate the President had issued stating he was an "Indian Chief friendly to the whites."

A year after he returned home from the trip, he still faced hostilities. While on a hunting trip for buffalo, Lean Bear and Black Kettle were approached by US troops. Chief Lean Bear volunteered to move forward to meet those troops, when he was shot with rifles. Chief Lean Bear was shot and died while holding his certificate from the President.

NOTE: Peace Chief = Many Native American nations had two chiefs - one who served in times of peace, and one who served in times of war. Even back then, they knew not to combine the roles of President with the Commander in Chief.

-- Gary Wright II

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