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Documenting Native American History is nearly impossible!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I'm getting very frustrated with documenting Native American History!

Names are often very confusing. Here is just one Cherokee Chief: Ostenaco is also known as Cunne Shote, Cumna Catogue, and Stalking Turkey. He was often confused with his uncle who was Standing Turkey. According to the writings by John Mooney, his Cherokee name is "Aganstata."His tombstone in Chota, Tennessee says, "oconastota - Great Warrior of the Cherokees"

Like the Raven Mocker legend, is seems no two stories are ever told the same. I don't want to print something untrue, but I know I'll probably never get all of the facts straightened out. I think I'll just publish ALL of the stories and let the reader decide which is true.

Any suggestions?

-- Gary Wright II

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