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Here is the proof you asked for! NDN and Vet!!!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

This post is in reference to my previous blog entry: Cherokee Nation - You disgust me sometimes!

I enjoy a good debate if it is intellectual and respectful. However, I will not engage in senseless debates with idiots. It is a waste of both of our time.

I don't care what names you may call me, it doesn't bother me. What I will not tolerate is someone attacking my family or friends, which is what happened on Facebook.

I agree with what Mike said in a comment earlier today - Who or what I am is between me and the Creator. Apparently, these ignorant folks are determined to smear the name of me, my family, and my tribe so I am providing the proof to shut them up:

Here are my roll cards from my tribe which prove I am a Cherokee NDN and have been enrolled since Chief Hutto (in the mid-80's):
Indian Roll Cards for Gary Wright II

Next, they're going to try to say I'm not a real veteran so here is proof that I was an E5 in the Navy aboard the USS Stout (DDG-55).
Military ID for Gary Wright II

As for the Nation in OK saying anyone not them is a fake - that is disgusting! The Cherokee left in North Carolina could say the same about you guys - I mean if you are truly an NDN Why didn't you defend your home with your lives? See how stupid this argument gets?

My mother has a saying which is crude but sums up the situation: "You can't polish a turd!" As hard as you try, a turd is still a piece of shit. Anyone who thinks they are any better than someone else is a piece of shit. I'm not going to try to change your mind, because you will still remain a piece of shit!

Stop acting ignorant - you are embarrassing to all of us!!!

-- Gary Wright II

Reader Comments

Corry - Thats stupied you have to give proof to people you can see you have indian in you i have cherrokee in me

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