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With your help - I think we made some progress today

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Let me start by saying Thank You to everyone who reached out and helped me today. Sometimes the easiest way to expose a fool is to simply let them speak.

The Facebook group hasn't been taken down yet, but everything was well documented and I expect Facebook will fully cooperate. I am totally for free speech (even when I disagree) and this was not about silencing them. It is about using the right forum and the group clearly violates the rules as I outlined them in my previous blog post. They have their own websites where they can say anything they want.

In addition to writing a letter to Facebook, I also sent a letter to the leadership of the Cherokee Nation. I quickly got a response from Principal Chief Chad Smith who confirmed that these people do NOT represent or speak for the Cherokee Nation. It saddened me to hear that this isn't something new - they have apparently been at it for years now.

The story of the Cherokee people is the most tragic chapter of American History. Not only did the US government go out of their way to destroy the Cherokee, but they created an internal divide within the nation that puts brothers and sisters against each other. The wounds are so deep that they have never healed. Whenever a group like this pops up, it only rubs salt into those already festering wounds.

Whenever I feel lost, I always seek guidance from my elders. I want to share with you a message I received from an elder a long time ago. It was in response to a completely different issue, but I think it still applies:

"Aho, Oginalli. A ya go liga! I am very proud to know you my brother. As you know prejudices are a work of the enemy and Creator requires us to not be his tool. You have my respect and I will lift you up in prayer. There are many who seek to be better than others and need to put down individuals in order to so. I will pray for them as well. I will stand in the gap for those who hurt others for no good reason seeking restitution that must take place for this land. Before resolution can take place the truth must always be brought to light. You are a true warrior worthy of this cause.

You know who you are and I pray those who dishonor your name or our tribe will be revealed for what they are. The truth always seems to surface eventually or the dishonest will retreat with their tails tucked and those who are mislead or misleading will be under conviction. It is in the balance of the Creator. This I know for I too have been there before and have seen the cycle. Know you will be honored in your quest for justice. Peace be with you Young Warrior!

Wado, for your updates and investigations.
Rise up mighty warrior and let your pen be your sword!

It is insight such as that which makes me so proud of my Cherokee brothers and sisters!

Thank you again for all of your support. If Facebook doesn't shut them down, we can always start right back up again. For now I think it's time to "call off the hounds" and see what happens.

I love each and every one of you!

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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