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Latest Consumer Gadgets for 2010

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Each year, the technophiles across the country converge upon the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to get a sneak peek at the latest consumer electronic products. The CES is one industry trade show that is never disappointing. Here is a quick look at some of my favorite new products:

The Emperor Chair by NovelQuest - Any executive, programmer, gamer, or computer geek is going to love this! The Emperor Chair has everything you could possibly need, except for maybe a bathroom - but they probably make something for that too. The seat is very comfortable and everything is fully adjustable. Three 19" high-res computer screens hang off the front of the chair. The speakers and subwoofer have the user completely immersed in 5.1 digital sound. For connectivity, the chair has iPod docking, USB, FireWire, multiple card readers, cable TV jack, and battery backup that lasts for three hours. It has its own HEPA air purifier and the chair rotates a full circle every eight hours. Before you fill out that purchase order, you should know the Emperor Chair costs around $40,000. After all, it is intended for an emperor.

Technology has finally invaded the bathroom. A water-proof television is now being made to go in your shower. Another television is being made into a large bathroom mirror. It looks like a normal mirror until you turn on the TV and the screen becomes visible in the glass of the mirror. You'll never again have to miss a TV show during your hygiene rituals.

Some things just go together. A very practical new invention is a scuba mask with built-in lights and HD camera. Now you can easily document your dives while keeping both of your hands free for swimming.

One new technology makes it easier to be beautiful. Several companies now make a fingernail printer. Ladies choose the artwork, stick a finger in the printer, and it prints the image right onto the fingernail. Amazing!

Green is always a theme. Solar powered products are growing in popularity and they ranged from phone chargers to a solar powered air conditioner. One company took it a step farther with the YoGen hand charger. You pull the string and it charges your cell phone with no electricity required.

Those are my favorite picks for 2010. Who knows what the products will be like in 2011? We can only imagine....

For more information on the CES, visit their web site:

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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