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When Inspiration Finds You

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Life truly is stranger than fiction, and I have such an incredible life!

Some days I seek inspiration. Some days inspiration finds me...

It seems like whenever I get close to giving up on something, a stranger always comes along and kicks me in the ass to get me going again.

A few years ago, my left hand was crushed in an industrial accident. I use this Grip Master device that helps build strength, but my physical therapist says I'll never recover the full range of motion. Not a good injury for a guitarist to have and it hurts like hell whenever I play.

Last weekend I got frustrated while working on a new Struggler song. I was whining and cussing all day long. Later that day, I got a MySpace friend request that totally changed my perspective. It said:

Benjamin Teacher - One-Armed Guitarist Seeks Band

I swear I'm not making this up! Here is a link:

I feel like such a sniveling little bitch - if Benjamin can do that, then I'm not ever giving up!

-- Gary Wright II

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