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My How To Train Anybody Technique

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I want to share with you a training technique that I learned many years ago when I was a technical manager for Showbiz (now known as Chuck E. Cheese). I had to teach my employees (who were mostly teens) a lot of complex information in a very short amount of time. I was first taught the training technique by colleague Mike McCune, but I'm pretty sure it's probably a standard method used by educators.

People learn new things in different ways. An auditory learner has to hear things in order to learn. A visual learner has to see things. A tactile learner has to actually touch and do things. For training to be effective and efficient, a good teacher will always present the new material in a manner that utilizes all of the senses. Here is how:

1. Tell
2. Show
3. Do
4. Review

The first step is to TELL: You start by telling the trainee what you are going to do which reaches the auditory learners.

The second step is to SHOW: You show the trainee what you are going to do which reaches the visual learners.

The third step is to DO: You have the trainee actually perform the task which reaches the tactile learners

The final step is to REVIEW: You review the new information with the trainee to reinforce the entire lesson.

If you use the TELL, SHOW, DO, REVIEW method you can train anybody...

Hope this helps!

-- Gary Wright II

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