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What do Christians have against dogs?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I'll probably get hate mail over this, but I have to ask: Why have Christians gotten their feathers all in a ruffle over an act of kindness to a dog?

The angry letters started flying when a priest fed a communion wafer to a dog while welcoming the pet and his owner on their first visit to Saint Peter's Anglican Church in Toronto.

Reverend Marguerite Rea gave the bread not to desecrate the communion ceremony, but as an act of kindness of inclusion. How can Christians be against that? I know that the bread is a symbol of Christ's body, but folks - it is just a symbol. From all of the complaints generated, you would think they actually fed Christ's bones to the dogs or something. Several people filed complaints with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and some have even left the church.

I don't get it. Do they think a human soul is more valuable that the soul of an animal? All living things have souls, so that doesn't sound right to me. Their anger over the incident certainly doesn't sound very Christ-like to me.... Am I missing something?

Have a blessed day (and may your dogs have a blessed day too!),

-- Gary Wright II

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