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Lady Gaga sends message to the Senate

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Lady Gaga sends a message to the Senate about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy:
Watch Lady Gaga video on YouTube.

Please call your Senator at (202) 224-3121 TODAY and stop the hate! The vote to end the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy may happen next week in the Senate.

Let's vote and replace all of these prejudice old bastards during the next elections!

Thank you!

-- Gary Wright II

Here is the message I sent to Senator Jeff Sessions and Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama:

Vote to end the discriminatory military policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I am a constituent and a veteran who was discharged under this unconstitutional policy.

Please don't negate the honor of my service or embarrass Alabama by standing in the way of a full repeal.

-- Gary Wright II

Both senators voted against the repeal. Senator Sessions never responded to my letter. Senator Shelby responded, but his response is completely out of touch with reality and he openly defies the courts. Read the Shelby letter.

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