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McCance and how a horrible person brought out the best of us

Friday, October 29th, 2010

School board vice-president Clint McCance is a horrible person, but because of his conduct we saw our nation at its finest. When McCance launched a hateful tirade on his Facebook page, people across our country immediately joined together to demand his resignation. Gays and straights stood shoulder-to-shoulder to take a stand against the hatred and ignorance that surrounds us. We proved that by working together, we have the power to make this world a better place for all of us.

[If you haven't yet heard about this or what was said, see my blog entry for yesterday. ]

After McCance's comments were published, the posters, emails, letters, and phone calls quickly overwhelmed the small town in Arkansas. Dozens of protesters assembled outside the schools with signs that read, "Resign" and "All kids matter." A Facebook group was started and as of today over 66,000 people have supported it. People understood that you have the freedom to think and say what you want, but there is a greater responsibility of conduct for those who educate and protect our children. By encouraging kids to commit suicide and celebrating the deaths of those with AIDS, McCance clearly crossed that line.

McCance said he would resign from the school board, and he has now apologized - but his apology wasn't sincere. He apologized for his "choice of words" but not for the hatred and ignorance that were behind his words. He isn't genuinely sorry for his warped ideals. He is really just sorry that he was held accountable for his conduct. I really hope that one day he will understand what he did wrong.

Here are photos of the six children who committed suicide because of people like McCance:
A kid lost to suicide by bullying A kid lost to suicide by bullying A kid lost to suicide by bullying A kid lost to suicide by bullying A kid lost to suicide by bullying A kid lost to suicide by bullying

How can anyone look at these beautiful human beings and actually celebrate their deaths? I know there are millions of others out there just like McCance, but yesterday we proved that love can cancel out the hatred.

Parents: Let your children know that your love is unconditional. Through your words and your actions set a good example for your kids. Celebrate diversity and avoid stereotyping.

Educators: Make sure your students have a safe and nurturing environment in the classroom.

Kids: Take a stand against name calling and bullying. Suicide is NEVER the solution. If you need help, I have posted a list of LGBT resources on my web site:

I want to thank everyone who got involved and helped remove Mr. McCance from the school board. All kids matter and yesterday we proved that!

Best regards,

-- Gary Wright II

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