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Admiral Mullen on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen as President Obama signs the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

The following text is from a statement released by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen:

I am pleased to see the Congress vote to repeal the law governing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Handling this through legislation preserves the military's prerogative to implement change in a responsible, deliberate manner.

More critically, it is the right thing to do. No longer will able men and women who want to serve and sacrifice for their country have to sacrifice their integrity to do so. We will be a better military as a result.

I look forward to working with Secretary Gates and the Service chiefs as we set about the task of preparing and certifying the joint force to implement the new law. And I am committed to making sure that process is well-led, maintains our combat readiness and upholds our high standards.

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